Eclectic Peel Mock-up

Glasgow Podcart have arranged an exciting new exhibition, which will be held at the Barra's Courtyard, on 4th December this year. Twenty creatives were selected and paired into groups of two (ten groups in total). I have been paired up with an illustrator from London, and together, we are constructing a piece, based on the legend, John Peel.

With loads of ideas, we both decided to pay tribute to John Peel, through the form of a walk-in canvas tent, which on many levels, symbolises Peel's contribution to society, taking us out into an unknown wilderness, through his eclectic taste of music and how he spread the popularity of music festivals, which today, are bigger than ever.

The images, show a small paper mock-up of how the tent shall look. All being well, the designs shall be screen printed onto the canvas material, which is going to take a lot of work, yet it will look great, once complete.

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