Back in to the swing of things

It’s been over a month since my last visit to the studio, which has felt like an eternity. I’ve hated not being able to paint. The reason being, I’ve had to update and reorganise everything surrounding the creative process, which looking back now, really needed to be done, and has put me into good stead for a productive 2012.

I’ve reorganised and updated my Website, Facebook, & Twitter, which is looking more fresh and consistent. I’ve also set up another online Shop, alongside my Folksy Shop. Most importantly, I’ve constructed a plan, so that if I stick to it I’ll be able to stay on top of my painting as well as my online profile and marketing, I need to have organisation, otherwise I get distracted.

In the Studio

I managed to get back in the studio last Thursday & Friday evening, which to be honest, I was feeling anxious and unsure about  as it had been so long since I was last holding a brush. I would definitely recommended to everyone, keep creating regularly, no matter what, it’s so important.

Alongside the photos, the paintings above are all studies based on a recent sketch. I wanted to see how similar / dissimilar I could form the studies. The first study, I painted very quickly, just to get in to the flow of the paint, which was great fun. Then working onto study two, I was feeling far more comfortable, and realised every stroke was coming to me naturally by this point. On the Friday, I was more confident and really focused on the strokes and the colour of the study. It’s amazing how varied each study is to one another and would say the final study was more accurate to the original sketch. Hmmm . . .

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