A good day for printing

Today, I was in the DCA Print Studio, producing my latest etching print, “Resist.”  I had a trusty helper with me today, my partner Nikki, which made the process run much faster (and cleaner) than usual.

Before we got under way with printing we had to stock up on some serious fuel . . . Dr. Noodles, did the trick. We both were too ambitious with our portions, but still really tasty!

We also had a look around the new exhibition on at the DCA, Jane and Louise Wilson’s Atomgrad. Well worth a look if you‘re in Dundee.

Etching is a process that is still new to me, but one that I thoroughly enjoy very much, I’ve learned that it is a process, not to be rushed, holding truly beautiful results. The actual etching stage, is my personal favourite, as the Aluminium plate is dipped into the Copper Sulphate Solution and you can see the compound erode the plate. This is where you can tell whether or not all that hard work scribing into the plate was worth it.

Today we managed to get 15 “Resist” prints done on top of 6 “Your Side” prints. Very happy with the results and can’t wait to get these online . . .

Resist will be available to buy soon, and will also one print will be given to one lucky person for free, click here to find out how.

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