Bye-bye Airle Place

Well, this is it. Today was the last day I'll paint at Airlie Place, Dundee. All my belongings have been packed, sealed and await a new destination, Wasps Meadowmill! Woohoo!

Previously, I had a small space at Meadowmill last year, but it was shared with another two artists, but still a space none the less. Then moved over to Airlie Place, for refurbishment to take place at Meadowmill. Now, with the new studios complete, I have my very own space and should be in painting again by the end of the week!

I also had to carry a still wet painting from Airlie Place to my flat which was an experience to say the least. Eccentric yes, however, the removal team might not see the humorous side of paint all over their clothes during the recant!

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