Ferric Etching Process

Today, I was at the DCA Print Studio, working on my latest etching plate, which will be created for my latest edition to the 15 x 11 cm Competition (March). 

Since I started etching at the beginning of the year, I wanted to get a more darker print, but was very tricky to achieve. Therefore, after trying a variety of different etching techniques, and experimentation, I think I've clocked it.

Ferric Solution
Basically, instead of scribing (drawing) onto the metal THEN etching the metal in Copper Sulphate Solution, it is placed in a substance called Iron Chloride Solution (Ferric) first, then it is polished into, rubbing away the rough / etched surface. Who would of thought Chemistry would come back to me at this time. Ha!

All being well, shall get finished prints uploaded next week . . Now I'm off to polish this metal!


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