Well, here it is my very own studio! 417. I am so chuffed and still overwhelmed at just how good it is. Honestly, I've been grinning to myself for flippin' ages! The brightness that projects off the walls is just amazing, with a beautiful view of the Law, (partly the main reason I chose this space,) what more could an artist want? However, there is a few jobs here and there that need to be done.

Today, I managed to get all the floor hoovered (from a very helpful tenant down the hall) and cleaned thoroughly, which has made the world of difference. I was going to paint the floor, yet, I am an oil painter and would therefore, be pretty much pointless to pursue. Also, if the studio is too clean, I'll not be as comfortable to get stuck in with my work. I also managed to give the windows a quick once over, as they were pretty dirty to say the least. 

By the start of next week, the space should be dry (and smell a bit less of emulsion) and ready to get unpacked and start to put my own personal stamp on it!

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