Frank To Interview

Last week I spoke to rising contemporary artist, Frank To. I had previously contacted him in regards to providing me with some advice and also to give his own personal accounts about breaking into the art scene. He was very helpful and gave me a great insight. I have always appreciated his style as an artist and feel a high degree of intrigue about the subjects within his work.
We both talked for an hour or so, and it was very inspiring for me to know how well Frank is doing at the moment, which proves how hard he’s worked in the process. Especially given he only graduated from DOJ just six years ago and has exhibited at some top venues alongside some top artists. He is clearly one to watch for the future, in my opinion.
Whilst I would love to share everything we talked about in depth, I feel that some things are best left unsaid. Yet it was great to share ideas and opinions around painting.
He also informed me that he has several projects on the go at present, and will be exhibiting his new line of work “Dark Fairy tales” later this year. So keep your eyes peeled.
Cheers Frank!

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