Sketches in Cyprus

Just returned from my trip to Cyprus today. Spent ten days in a truly amazing place where the sun was shining constantly and was reaching up to temperatures of up to 40 degrees C. Hot! I also obtained the nickname "Orange" as I not only resembled it's colour (more pink really), but I peeled quite alot!

I went out with my partner Nikki and met her cousin and the rest of his family for his wedding, which was a day . . . and night to remember! On top of this I managed to squeeze in a few sketches and came across this awesome place, "Famagusta," a lost city that stands deserted and has no inhabitants. It is surrounded by Turkish troops and the UN although I could see it from a distance, was unable to enter the grounds. It is a ghost town. Very eerie. With the experience and some in depth stories from a number of locals based on Famagusta, I'm very keen to use this unique place as inspiration for some new work. Watch this space . . .

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