Reminiscent Remains - sketches

These sketches are associated with a new line of work I am about to investigate, develop and conclude with a collection of finished paintings. The project is entitled "Reminiscent Remains." I aim to complete this body of work by the end of this year, (within three months).

The concept behind the project originates from Famagusta, an abandoned city, placed on one of Cyprus’ coastlines which has been vacant since 1974, due to a Turkish invasion / seizure, a horrific and significant event in Cyprus‘ history.

Therefore, after talking to previous residents and reading documentation based on Famagusta’s past, Reminiscent Remains aims to investigate the memoirs and experiences of those who once resided in this popular holiday destination. But what is even more challenging, is that people’s recollections, although hazy and fragmented, can still piece together a valid image which we can all connect with.

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