Life Drawing Class: week 4

Week 4 of my Life Drawing Class at Dundee College, (click here to see week 1 and week 2 & 3). Also, I just found out this is the last class, run by the college, alongside other creative classes, due to cuts. Not impressed!

Conte & Van Dyke
Anyway, this week the class were given 2 poses, over 2 hours, and told to be loose and focus on building up the areas of tone as shapes, which gave me a greater sense of freedom. When I first started life drawing I always felt restricted and apprehensive about where to put my next mark. However, Angus (our tutor) wanted us to keep the conte on the paper as much as possible. Alongside the conte, I used a medium, I'd never heard of, which apparently is centuries old, van dyke, which was great for building up tone, and shade, especially when overlapped.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class this week. I think next week, we're working with pastels. Nice.

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