New studio, new painting!

After finally moving into my new space, I thought it would be best picking up the paint brush again, which at first was a little daunting. However, I took my time and completed the image above, which for my first painting for over a month, I was very happy with.

Being away from painting has been hard and a little disorienting, but given there has been loads to do, especially with this up and coming exhibition, physically painting hasn't been on my mind too much. Yet it has given me time to think about new work. 

Something which has interested me lately is people's competitive streaks, which is showing through quite obviously now, with the Olympics' propaganda which is saturating the country. Watch this space . . .

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Nikki McWilliams said...

Love it- congratulations on moving in to the new space...I'm sure it'll be the start of great things!